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The Tunic is the symbol of the traditional Moroccan checkroom style. An essential creation of Moroccan craftsmanship, the tunic can be adopted as chic, hippy or preppy. Handmade in Casablanca or Marrakech with 100% cotton. From sober to flashy, the tunic and gandoura fits all styles and perfectly accompanies jeans or shorts. The tunic also accompanies each season with a unique style.

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In the traditional Moroccan line, Moroccan's dress code always in movement, does not lack innovations. It translates into simple forms with light fabrics, masterful finishes and pleasant to wear.

The Moroccan tunic is one example among others. It draws its inspiration from Moroccan craftsmanship and its love for Morocco.

Styles of Moroccan tunic and Gandouras

The Moroccan tunic is a traditional outfit that can be worn on all occasions. In a palette of styles and colors, with oriental embroideries, this dress can no longer be missing in the wardrobe.

Modern Moroccan tunic

It is a 100% cotton shirt, elaborated by designers in Casablanca or Marrakech and embroidered by hand. It is an important and imposing piece in Moroccan couture.

Conceived in various colors, it is worn as well with jeans as with pants. It is perfect with slippers or sneakers. With short or long sleeves according to the desire of each one, this Moroccan style plays on elegance and zenith.

Gandoura for man and women

The gandoura is a long sleeveless tunic. It is worn as a modern Moroccan caftan, on special occasions or simply on Fridays to go to the mosque.

The ornaments are handmade by the master craftsman with oriental motifs. Summer and winter, the gandoura is easy to put on and can be worn at home or outside. It combines fully with beautiful slippers.

Jabador for man

The jabador is a traditional garment composed of two or three pieces. Naturally, this set is worked by the maâlem with the mlifa fabric embroidered with golden sfifa. Ideal for holidays or family events, the babouches perfectly complement this very classy clothing.

In white color, this outfit is rather reserved for the groom on his engagement day or his wedding day.

Cleaning Moroccan tunic or Gandoura

Following the example of Moroccan outfits (takchita, qamis, kaftan), the tunic or Gandoura are made with high quality fabric. To avoid that the washing does not damage this valuable suit, it is necessary to take care of its maintenance.

Cleaning by hand

Some items are easy to wash and do not require dry cleaning. However, they should be washed carefully by hand, without spinning. For ironing, turn the garment over and use a cloth towel for safety.

Machine or dry cleaning

Costumes with gold or silver ornaments should be sent to an expert dry cleaner. This will prevent the fabric and stitching from shrinking during washing.

Above all, it is a good idea to know the characteristics of the fabric and the seam to know if it is washable.

The Moroccan men's tunic has been everywhere since it was first introduced. It carries within it the universal stamp of a talented and fascinating art. It is freshness added to modernity.

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