Moroccan tea sets

In every Moroccan houses, the Moroccan tea service to prepare green tea is an essential accessory. It is distinguished according to whether it is for personal use by tea lovers or to receive guests.

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The tradition of Morocco and the Maghreb countries signed the pact for this hot drink to be served daily at home and on all occasions and ceremonies.

Thus, a complete service has been implemented within the Moroccan handicraft to serve the preparation of tea.

Traditional tea service to serve Moroccan mint tea.

The traditional Moroccan tea service consists of several pieces, namely :

  • a tray ;
  • Moroccan tea glasses ;
  • a stainless steel teapot;
  • a steel sugar bowl to contain the sugar lumps;
  • a container for green tea beans;
  • a container for Moroccan tea leaves or mint leaves;
  • possibly a censer.

Note that in the pure Moroccan custom, the tea is prepared under the eyes of the guests. A small space is arranged in the place of the reception, equipped with all the utensils mentioned above. The task is then entrusted to a person who will go through all the stages of tea preparation.

This practice continues to make its days during weddings or big parties and is once again a proof of hospitality.

Characteristics of tea service items

In addition to its common use, the tea service can also be considered a decorative object that perfectly decorates the premises.

It adapts easily to all interior decorations and offers a real invitation to travel to Morocco.

Tray model

The tray is available in various models and sizes. It can be round, oval or rectangular.

The most chic is silver or gold and nicely decorated with beautiful oriental sculptures.

Other types in stainless steel are just as simple and original and are used instead to serve cakes from Moroccan and Maghreb countries.

Tea glass

The tea glasses are designed in different forms in a pure style specific to the Moroccan culture. Decorated by hand with oriental motifs, they bring a sublime and youthful character to the tea service.

Moroccan teapot

He is the ace of the table. The Moroccan teapot is the essential item to prepare fresh mint tea.

It is entirely hand-made by Moroccan craftsmen. The most original pieces emanate from the medina of Fez. They are identified by their strong prestige and are the most requested during big events.

Sugar bowl and other accessories for tea lovers.

The sugar bowl and bowls (for tea and fresh mint) are original pieces in the service. They are made of silver plated metal and match the tray. They add to the table an original and authentic design.


The censer or incense burner is an item that sometimes accompanies the tea service. It allows to diffuse the aromas in the atmosphere with a lot of splendor.

The endurance of the Moroccan craftsmen, rich in creations, continues to amaze us by the radiance of the creators and their beautiful works.

Come and explore the world of uniqueness born from a cultural heritage of art and know-how and admire the tea service. It is an integral part of the table art and the creative spirit of Moroccan craftsmanship.