Moroccan Lighting

The Moroccan luminaries of artisanal origin are designed to help find freedom in the luminous radiance. So! Let's make room in every room of our house for a luminary of sure value.

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Letting the sun take over our interior during the day is great. Maintaining a luminous atmosphere from dusk onwards is wonderful. All this to say that light is an indispensable element of our daily life.

Skillfully measured, lighting is a fundamental part of interior design. It enhances the furnishings and plunges you into the minimalist world of lighting.

Idealize the light of your living space

Each corner of the house is designed differently according to its utility. Therefore, lighting must be planned according to each location.

So! Let's put the spotlight on how to achieve superb brightness in your home. Without detour, Moroccan craftsmanship produces modern wall lights and chandeliers with several shapes and a good quality/price ratio.

Light on the Moroccan artisanal light for a stylish decoration

Living room light point

The living room, which is the largest room in the house, requires various points of light.

A ceiling light hidden by a Moroccan copper chandelier with several portions, is to be preferred for the main lighting. A design chandelier is also welcome on the dining table or coffee table.

To complete the decorative aspect of this friendly place, adopt a modular halogen floor lamp and candle jars in various colors. For cosy reading time, a wall light can be added at various places in the room.

Moroccan craftsmen are gifted to be part of the creation of these exceptional objects.

A subdued lighting bedroom

In this resting space, a fine and light light light is more adequate. Even if the place is equipped with ceiling lighting, it is useful to add accessories. There is nothing better than a suspended metal lampshade or a brass bedside lamp.

These accessories come back in force for those who like to bet on originality.

Bathroom light button

This room requires a strong point of light. It is therefore necessary to equip it with a ceiling light with chandelier and a wall light above the glass.

Handcrafted, several Moroccan-style candle holders are available for optimal luminescence in the bathroom.

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen requires enough light to prepare meals or for dinner. Therefore, a ceiling light covered with a black or white metal chandelier is recommended.

For more cheerfulness, it is advisable to install a lamp system around the perimeter of this multifunctional room.

Influence of sparkling light garden and balcony

In the garden or on a balcony, the handcrafted wrought iron chandelier is the most popular. It offers a classic and oriental atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Chic and glamorous wall or standing lanterns are designed in a creative spirit to the delight of all.