Moroccan Tableware

Tea is a central element of Moroccan culture and traditions. Embodying Moroccan values of sharing and hospitality, the tea culture is also the source of a wonderful craft know-how. This is what we want you to discover: whether it is the meticulous work of metals and silverware in Fez or the dexterity of the glassmakers in Marrakech. In individual pieces or in complete service, you will find exceptional objects for your Moroccan kitchen. Immerse yourself in the oriental aestheticism and experience the philosophy of an ancestral convivial art of living.

théières marocaines
service a thé marocain
Tea Sets
verres à thé marocain
Tea glass
accessoires de table marocaine
Table & accessories

The essential Moroccan teapots

It' s the star of the Moroccan tea set! This teapot, very recognizable by its aestheticism and its elegance, has a place of choice in all Moroccan homes. Traditionally made of metal or stainless steel, they are produced in the city of Fez, renowned, among other things, for its metal craftsmanship. These handmade teapots, thanks to these quality materials, guarantee the safety of your preparations and have the advantage of resisting high temperatures and keeping the heat. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion. These teapots are perfect for teas that require a high temperature and a few minutes of infusion such as green tea, black tea or mint tea. Durable, they will offer their services for decades. Plus, with guests, the beauty of their craftsmanship will always make an impact!

The harmony of the Moroccan tea service

A beautiful teapot is good! If it is accompanied by a beautiful tea set, it's better! It is the choice of simplicity, with a set of essential utensils selected for their harmony! With family, friends or colleagues, sharing a moment of conviviality around a delicious tea is not only a delight for the mind and the palate. Owning a beautiful tea set brings beauty to the eyes and makes every occasion special! What could be more successful than presenting a richly ornate silver tray with an elegant teapot on it, accompanied by beautifully decorated glasses? The splendor of the tea set undeniably adds a touch of sumptuousness to the moment!

The Moroccan tea glass

Moroccan tea glasses are the repository of the tradition and know-how of local glass craftsmen, as well as the sense of detail and ornamentation in Morocco. Two types of glass are particularly representative of the Moroccan style of tableware. The first type is Beldi glass, handmade and mouth-blown in Marrakech. Easily recognizable by their design with a relief in the upper part, they are exclusively made from recycled glass from the region of manufacture. They come in a variety of colors, and are sure to be used in a typical Moroccan kitchen. The second style of tea glasses are the colored glasses with patterns. Frequently collected in a multi-colored set, several in a living room, it is always possible to know whose glass it is! Used as a tea glass, they can also be used for coffee or even as a water glass. The handmade ornamentation is reminiscent of the arabesques of henna tattoos. The patterns, copper or gold on some glasses, add a touch of sophistication while keeping them transparent enough to see the level of tea being poured. Practical, versatile and so beautiful!

Table accessories: tray, pedestal table and oriental fragrances

In addition to the luxurious stainless silver tray finely adorned with traditional arabesques, other accessories can also complete the ideal tea room! The Moroccan pedestal table has everything to make a strong impression! It is composed of a beautifully ornamented metal tray and a decorated wooden base and can be moved easily as needed. Another original and typical element of Morocco and its sense of hospitality: the Moroccan perfumer. At the same time an object of decoration without equal with its slender silver shape and its hand engraved patterns, it is also an object originally used to welcome guests. It was enough to honor them with a few drops of rose water or orange blossom! A delicate attention! If the eyes and the palate have been delighted so far, the nose is not forgotten: the incense burner will create an atmosphere of olfactory delight!