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Special Ramadan 2023

New collection

Gandouras made in the traditional way, with amazing designs that are sure to impress... a special Ramadan edition, and the perfect collection for the occasion.

Artisanat Shop


Discover our unique products, designed directly from the know-how of Moroccan craftsmanship. This universe extremely rich in Moroccan babouches and decoration. Varied and exclusive with well thought out touches, manages to easily adapt the respect of tradition to the contemporary world.

We take care to put in place the largest choice of works produced by Moroccan craftsmen, passionate about their trade. Through our typically Moroccan products, you will feel the expression of the finesse, the gratitude and the value of our roots. Behind each item on sale, there is an exceptional ancestral story.


Bringing Moroccan handicrafts closer to all communities around the world, is to encourage and support this slice of manufacturers to defend their cause: manual work. Our policy also aims to promote authentic and unique products from the Moroccan handicraft sector, without forgetting to display fair prices agreed upon with each artisan.