About Artisanat Shop

Discover beauty and diversity

We thought for you our store to present you unique products, conceived directly from the know-how of the Moroccan craft industry. This space extremely rich in inventions, in varied and exclusive articles with well thought-out touches, manages to adapt easily the respect of the tradition to the contemporary world. Each visitor will find his gift according to his desires and his means.

Our approach

We take care to put in place the largest choice of works produced by Moroccan craftsmen, passionate about their trade to meet the incessant demand of art lovers and collectors of rare pieces. Through our typically Moroccan products, you will feel the expression of the finesse, gratitude and value of our roots. Behind each item on sale, there is an exceptional ancestral story.

A long way to support the Moroccan artisan

Our objective, in addition to bringing Moroccan handicrafts closer to all communities around the world, is to encourage and support this segment of manufacturers to defend their cause: manual work. Our policy also aims to promote authentic and unique products from the Moroccan handicraft sector, without forgetting to display fair prices agreed upon with each artisan. This means that we set symbolic rates to ensure that the craftsman who presented his product on our store the fair cost of his work and everyone participates in the conservation of this heritage without equal.

At the same time, our intervention aims to support our dear artisans by giving them new creative ideas to direct their talents and thus diversify their productivity. This allows us to expand the range of our products to a new target. Extending the vision of the original Moroccan product to a wide range, allows to multiply the followers and to touch a great number of fanatics. It is then the opportunity to arouse interest and support to transmit an unparalleled heritage of craftsmanship present for millennia.

We continue to multiply our efforts to support artisans and craft organizations, so as not to break this traditional chain of manufacture that expresses a part of the history of Morocco and is full of creativity and hope. We aspire to constantly diversify the range of our products by commissioning new objects that undeniably reproduce the fantastic world of this vigorous sector.

The Moroccan handicraft is full of great wealth behind which are hidden a thousand and one treasures. In our precious collection, you will find pottery, jewelry, copper, tapestry in addition to an important range of local products.

We will do our best to perpetuate the Moroccan handicraft sector which reflects the Moroccan reality through its colors, its styles, its precious monuments and its historical museums. A lucrative environment is required to ensure the transmission of this magnificent wealth to future generations.

Passing on the torch for the continuity of the crafts, is our duty to preserve this rich heritage that, even with its novelties, will continue to house the memories of several generations.