Moroccan tea glass

Even if you follow the online instructions to prepare Moroccan tea, without a Moroccan tea glass the atmosphere will never be complete. Artisanat-shop offers you a selection of Moroccan tea glasses to embellish your seats.

Strongly rooted in Moroccan tradition, mint tea is a hot drink that is omnipresent on the table. Its presentation requires without question specific utensils inseparable.

To perfect this idyllic appearance, nothing beats a beautiful tea service with singular and resolutely authentic pieces.

The tray, equipped with teapot and other containers, is only complete with tea glasses beautifully decorated with oriental motifs.

A wide choice of tea glasses is available on the market for a better enjoyment of this traditional drink. Transparent or decorated with beautiful designs, these glasses can also reveal great gift ideas. They are sold individually or in sets of 3 or 6.

Rinsing and cleaning of tea glasses

To take good care of your tea glasses, it is essential to remember certain rules:

  • never let the tea remains dry in the glass;
  • Rinse with clear water immediately after use;
  • use a sponge and a liquid product to wash;
  • if necessary, immerse the glasses in hot water mixed with vinegar and rinse thoroughly after a few minutes;
  • do not use a towel to wipe the glass, let it dehydrate naturally.

All these glasses were born under the skilful fingers of the Moroccan craftsmen who take care to combine tradition and contemporary charm.

The Moroccan kitchen as rich as it is, can only survive with its countless tools with oriental touches. Tea glasses are one of them. They represent this inescapable nuance of the legend.

Artisanat-Shop invites you to explore its collection, to discover tea glasses which translate the values of know-how and perfection.