Moroccan rugs

Whether you have already brushed the Moroccan soil or not, you surely know the reputation of the Moroccan carpet. Also called Berber carpet, it is a luxurious carpet with a design at the same time contemporary and old capable of decorating at best all the interiors.

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  • Carpet Beni Ouarain wool / Cotton
    Carpet Beni Ouarain wool / Cotton
    Special Price $138.83 Regular Price $198.83
  • Berber carpet White Sabra - Bejaâd
    Berber carpet White Sabra - Bejaâd
    Special Price $80.00 Regular Price $134.98
  • Red Sabra Berber carpet - Bejaâd
    Red Sabra Berber carpet - Bejaâd
    Special Price $80.00 Regular Price $134.98
  • Grey wool carpet - Moroccan Sahara
    Grey wool carpet - Moroccan Sahara
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  • Berber carpet natural wool Bejaâd
    Berber carpet natural wool Bejaâd
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  • Brown wool Berber carpet Bejaâd
    Brown wool Berber carpet Bejaâd
    Special Price $75.00 Regular Price $109.98
  • Carpet Sahraoui Light wool
    Carpet Sahraoui Light wool
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    Trend Decoration à la Marocaine

    Reconciling authenticity and modernity is the challenge of Moroccan craftsmanship that exposes carpets as works of art. This beauty borrows from inherited traditions the know-how to guess authentic pieces with multiple influences. This jewel commonly called Berber carpet or tazerbit in Amazigh, is designed in various regions of North Africa.

    From the High to the Middle Atlas through the Haouz and the Souss Massa, such are the environments occupied by the Berbers upon their arrival in Morocco. It is these places which shelter the greatest number of Moroccan carpet manufacturing of all kinds.

    Throughout history, values are inculcated through several generations to give life to these prestigious creations.

    The Moroccan carpet / a singular art

    Since the advent of the Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains, the creation of the carpet was imposed to cover oneself against the cold. Each unit produced reflects a beautiful story that reveals a harmonization of styles and shapes.

    In every corner of the country, a burst of colors and patterns intermingle for the pleasure and to amaze art lovers.

    Making a carpet requires not only the qualification but a good mastery of spinning and weaving wool. A traditional art anchored in the Berber culture for thousands of years!

    Traditional Moroccan carpet

    This rug, which emanates from the heritage of Berber art over the years, differs from one region to another. The technique and the talent to make carpets, are similar to a heritage and are transmitted from generation to generation.

    Ancient or contemporary carpets, all Berber style carpets are the work of women who are passionate about art. They add their whimsical touch to record their wonderful stories.

    The Berber carpet not only gives pep to the interior decoration but seems to work like a language.

    Choosing a Moroccan carpet

    In the many choices available, a large living room carpet can be a black diamond design on a white background. This is the typical Bani Ouarain carpet in the Middle Atlas. Hand woven with natural wool without any dyeing. It will add a lot of charm to its location and will be in perfect harmony with the furniture.

    Another version of the living room carpet is available from the tribes of Zemmour. Rather multicolored with vegetal shades, it embodies finesse and delicacy and proves its rich and rare value. The work is entirely handmade with high quality knotting. It will display the sublime appearance that a place lacks.

    As for the kilim or hanbel carpet, it is another style from the Moroccan Atlas. The wool is lightly colored with natural and ecological dyes. In a corridor or in a living room, this icon will be the eternal companion of Moroccan interior decoration.

    In a small rectangular model, we can find the Boucherouite carpet which is another marvel of the Berber carpet. Also called rag carpet, it is obtained from recycled textiles. It is ideal in the kitchen or under the dining table.

    A multitude of other styles of carpets different from each other are to be discovered in Taznakht, Ouarzazate and Marrakech.

    It is true that Moroccans excel in all handicraft production. The carpet is a good example of this with its abstract patterns heavily loaded with meaning.

    Geometric or traditional motifs revisited, each interior will be conquered by the impressive interweaving of Moroccan identity and culture.

    The pure and natural wool used gives the carpet a soft aspect and a vintage style.

    Before leaving, we invite you to visit our site to enter the universe of the Berber carpet with elegant pledges.