Moroccan Leather Poufs

A wide range of Moroccan Pouffes made of real leather with a very comfortable seat, specially designed for art lovers. Handmade in leather or fabric and different shapes and colors for a bohemian and chic interior decoration, everything has been carefully thought out for your decoration!

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Why do you need to buy a Moroccan leather pouffe?

With an elegant and subtle handcrafted design, the Moroccan pouffe also called ottoman is an element of Moroccan interior decoration. It joins you at home in all its trendy shades. Useful to charm every corner of your interior whether it is around a convivial table, in your bedroom or simply as a decorative object, it allows you to complete the coiled furniture you dream of. True leitmotif of Moroccan furniture, you will be only delighted to welcome it from now on so that it becomes part of your valuables. Here is another trick to join the useful to the pleasant.

Because the creators understood well what awaits the customers, the Moroccan ottomans are conceived with the greatest meticulousness by master craftsmen endowed with a sublime and unique know-how. Most of the talented designers are based in Marrakech and in the medina of Fez. A few rare models in sheep leather are made in Casablanca. With their fine hands, the craftsmen deliver items of unrivalled superior quality. Stool, cushion or footrest, a large choice of footstools is offered according to the tastes and needs of everyone.

Available in several colors and shapes, all Moroccan stools are handcrafted with thoughtful ethnic motifs, without forgetting to convey the traditional look to the contemporary style.

Sublimate your interiors

The delicacy of the ornament used in all its context leaves no one indifferent. A white or multicolored embroidery delicately placed on natural leather or brown goat leather, reproduces beautiful, rich and mysterious drawings that recall the oriental atmosphere. On camel leather, the footstools around a coffee table express themselves in a different way through the patterns applied by an African touch.

Oriental styles are coming back in force in avant-garde decoration. Round, square or rectangular ottomans, all the geometrical patterns are reinterpreted with jubilation. A Moroccan footstool in your home boosts the decoration to arrange the furniture and guarantee elegance and character.

How to fill a hand woven Moroccan pouffe?

All equipped with a zipper to facilitate the stuffing, you just have to choose the material that suits you according to the seat you want to have. We advise users to choose one of the following materials to fill the footstools :

  • polystyrene beads (synthetic upholstery) ;
  • polyester foam ;
  • silicone wadding ;
  • kapok ;
  • cotton fiber;
  • sheep's wool;
  • scraps of fabric or old clothes;

If in addition you dream of a bench that has a double function, opt for the design footstool that also serves as a storage unit: the cover represents the seat and the lower part is an empty cavity to store various objects.

Give an exceptional decorative touch to your secret that reminds you of bohemian atmospheres and enjoy the aesthetics of the oriental style by integrating the Moroccan pouffe in your furniture. Placed on the floor or on a Berber carpet, the Moroccan pouf meets your needs and exceeds all your expectations.