Men's slippers

Artisanat-shop ne pouvait qu’inclure dans la liste des produits qu’elle propose les babouches pour hommes, accessoires typiques de la culture marocaine. Spécialement conçues pour ces Messieurs se démarquent par leur qualité et la noblesse de leur matière première puisqu’il est fait usage ici de cuir véritable, choisi parmi ce qui existe de plus qualitatif.

Les belles paires ont de tous temps complété l’habillement traditionnel des Marocains et sont de nature à rehausser leur costume. Vous ne trouverez pas de pièces plus respectueuses du savoir-faire traditionnel qui a toujours accompagné la fabrication de ces précieux accessoires.

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Orange mule slippers
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Babouche en daim Vert
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Our men's slippers are made in strict respect of tradition.

If you are looking for authentic men's slippers, handcrafted in the respect of tradition, but also using high quality raw materials, you are well advised to choose among our many models.

Thus, you will be able to count on handmade products made with the greatest care and meticulousness that makes all the value of handmade products.

The design of these magnificent accessories has been made in a way that respects tradition. Doesn't marrying the Moroccan tradition go through the adoption of authentic and symbolic accessories of the precious and almost sacred character of the habits and customs of a nation, of a culture?

Our leather slippers meet all tastes

Whatever your tastes and the colors that you like or that best match your suit, we have the models and finishes of babouches that meet your needs.

Each design of men's slippers will have been the object of a particular study so that tradition is respected, but also so that aesthetics and class are at the rendezvous.

Our craftsmen show imagination and know-how to offer you original and diversified accessories to meet all your expectations. You will certainly enjoy owning beautiful pairs of authentic men's slippers like the ones we offer in this section. Practical, comfortable, designed with the greatest attention to detail, very solid to last you a lifetime, these are all promises kept by our craftsmen throughout the manufacturing process of our handmade babouches.

Connoisseurs will find here products worthy of the pure Berber tradition, but which have also evolved with the times, because the finishes are more meticulous and the designs better worked.

Don't wait any longer, find the model of slippers that attracts you and take advantage of our advantageous prices. These prices reflect the best value for money like all the other products we offer on our site.

Slippers in the culture of Moroccan men

In traditional Moroccan culture, it is customary to see men complement their clothing with beautiful babouches. This complement of the Moroccan costume, totally handmade with real leather, was born from a synergy of ambition and know-how. In summer or spring, the babouche of the men reigns in the manners since the Berber era.

The babouche or balgha in Arabic is the original shoe of the Moroccan men, resulting from a tradition and the craft industry. It is the Berbers, in the south of Morocco, who are the first to have put on shoes with pairs made entirely by hand in the workshops of Marrakech and Fez.

Light and practical, produced with sheep or goat skins, these shoes are the fruit of a whole art and adapt to your size. Declined in various models, all our men's slippers are worked with a technique that ensures flexibility and resistance.

They are the maâlems (master craftsmen) who are the authors of these works thought with the greatest creativity. To make it the flagship product of the souks especially in Marrakech and Fez.

Zoom on the art of the babouche man

Always concerned about the well-being of the consumers of the babouche man, the craftsmen, ambassadors of the culture of Morocco, prove the liveliness of the creation by their talent. Their words are expressed through the gestures of their hands: an eloquent silence.

These talented manufacturers rely heavily on ancestral beauty combined with revisited contemporary inspiration.

First of all, the materials used in the workshops are extracted from quality skins for optimal comfort. Then, they are subjected to several phases of treatment in tanneries. Then come the colors and shades. Finally, the soles are made to conform to the ancestral work. Thus the final product attests to the exceptional quality of the articles produced.

The work is often done in small family communities that ensure the sustainability of Moroccan craftsmanship. Linguistic and cultural crossbreeding. A heritage that is transmitted from father to son.

The slipper is designed not only to cover the feet but also to be listed in the craft heritage. It is the best way to make known the craft products both in Morocco and internationally.