Moroccan ashtrays

Enhance your home and room with the fabulous trend of the world. Discover our collection of cheap Moroccan ashtrays in terracotta, metal or wood our ashtrays 100% handmade in Morocco.

Moroccan ashtray a moving idea : splendid sight on the craft industry

Since the birth of the Moroccan craft industry, the craftsmen did not lack creativity. They thought and implemented this object which is used to receive the ash of the cigarette: the ashtray. Today, the markets abound with various motives of this useful and much sought-after item.

In porcelain, steel, pottery or ceramics, ashtray manufacturers play on geometric decorations and shapes. They are fond of this type of vintage and handmade production.

Various models of ashtrays

The actors of the craft industry have put in place a wide range of ashtrays in different sizes and shapes colors. Original and playful, these articles, in addition to their functionality, are similar to objects of interior decoration. Depending on whether it is a table, wall or stand ashtray, a wide choice is available to the applicants.

Table ashtray

Resolutely chic, this accessory contributes to the elegance of the table art and offers a talking board to all the ambient decorations. On the desk or on the living room table, this oriental touch will only sublimate the interior decoration. Designed in various models, this ashtray can be made of hammered stainless aluminum. It is also available in ceramic, terracotta, juniper wood and glass.

Pottery and tadelakt materials have also imposed themselves to position themselves in this generation of fantastic ashtrays. Some styles are so sophisticated to fit with the cigar and renew the decorative aspect.

Cleaning the ashtray

Before use, pour 1 to 2 spoonfuls of baking soda into the bottom of the ashtray. This helps neutralize the bad smell of cigarette butts left behind. In addition, it is strongly recommended to empty the ashtrays regularly because they retain the stench of cold tobacco.

Another alternative is to line the bottom of the ashtray with sand by adding a few drops of essential oil of your choice. However, a recurrent cleaning is necessary with water and vinegar or a slice of lemon.

Most of the ashtrays born in the Moroccan craft industry are handmade and some of them display images that speak Moroccan. The materials used are natural and raw with a quest for authenticity that gives pride of place to this artisanal culture.

All these products are made by Moroccan craftsmen who deploy a memorable dialogue between movements and times. A tribute to the Moroccan creativity!