Moroccan Interior decoration

You are interested in the Moroccan culture? You are looking for handcrafted decorations representing its values? We offer you a wide selection of high quality products. Indeed, all our articles are handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen with rigorously selected materials.

Moroccan craftsmanship is at the heart of current decorating trends. Ancestral but timeless, it has managed to impose itself by transmitting its customs and traditions from generation to generation. The know-how of our craftsmen never ceases to develop while remaining always in the air of time. Passionate about this manual profession, they offer you modern products with a unique authenticity.

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Moroccan lighting
Moroccan lighting

Moroccan ashtrays

Complete your home, balcony or garden with ashtrays that match any decor. Different shapes and colors are available, ensuring you find the right ashtray for your taste. Available in different sizes, you can choose a small ashtray for your office or a larger one for outdoor parties.
Our craftsmen work with metal, terracotta and wood to make these ashtrays. This allows them to be endowed with a great resistance.

Moroccan carpets & rugs

Berber rugs can be found in any room of your home. Both original and modern, they do not miss the opportunity to attract the eye of your guests. These carpets easily match with any universe. They create a cocooning and oriental atmosphere in your home.
Thanks to their wool composition, you will enjoy a pleasant softness that will caress your feet. This material is capable of eliminating humidity, allowing you to place your feet on a healthy carpet. Its properties also prevent the proliferation of dust mites.

Moroccan lighting

Moroccan lighting fixtures will reveal the style of your home. The lighting must be adapted to the elements of your room. That's why we offer you different types of lighting.
You can choose ceiling lights to highlight your living room. Wall lamps will complement the color of your hallway walls. As for bedside lamps, they will give a warm atmosphere to your room. Don't hesitate to vary the types of lighting in your home. This will allow you to create a unique and original atmosphere..

Moroccan Poufs

Made of genuine leather, the Moroccan pouf is as comfortable as one could wish. The use of this material makes it very resistant in time. Hand embroidered and sewn by Moroccan experts, it has extremely careful finishes. The beautiful drawings give the poufs in our collection a unique design.

Very light, you can move them as you wish. Much more than a simple pouf, it will accompany you everywhere in your home. Available in bright colors or more sober, these poufs will give your rooms a touch of both chic and oriental.

How to make a successful Moroccan interior decoration?

The choice of the constituent elements of all facets of design is undeniable. And if we took a tour of Moroccan craftsmanship to find articles that assert themselves and renew themselves endlessly!

In all serenity, the Moroccan and oriental decoration plunges into this universe of character with a cosy and oriental style. Handmade carpets, beautiful authentic lights, leather poufs with beautiful drawings are all expressions that resonate with minimalism.

Coordinate to choose custom-made

The objective is to select products that can display a skillful blend of colors and bodies of Berber art.

From the timeless wood ceiling with floral and geometric patterns to the more original painted plaster ceiling. The seduction of one does not prevent the seduction of the other.

What gives even more strength to each room are all these shades of color on the fabrics of curtains and benches.