Grey wool carpet - Moroccan Sahara

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Resulting from the purest Berber tradition, the Sahraoui carpet is a work from the southern region of Morocco. Made by the nomadic tribes of the Moroccan desert, this Berber carpet is woven with locally produced wool. The traditional colors are generally black, ecru, more or less golden.

Recognizable among thousands, the characteristic patterns also make the richness of these typical Berber carpets.
Coming from villages nestled in deserted enclaves, Moroccan weavers have developed an age-old and typical know-how, far from the usual Arab carpet inspirations. Their incomparable comfort is offered by a raw material of very high quality, 100% undyed virgin wool. With short or long pile, the thickest carpets can reach 3 centimeters of thickness for a comfort and an incomparable heat. Arrived in the Western interiors at the end of the twentieth century, these carpets have offered the place of choice which is theirs because of their qualities on a large number of aspects.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 145cm
  • Width : 108cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Manufacturing region: South of Morocco
  • Color: Gray

Moroccan desert wool: a unique material

Authentic Moroccan Sahara works all have this in common: the softness and silkiness of the wool used in their making. Indeed, the raw material is patiently harvested and selected for each work. The ewes and sheep raised in the Moroccan south have a specific dress to their race and confer to their wool a slightly gilded color which makes all the salt of this Moroccan carpet. The Berber breeders collect the wool of these sheep to obtain a raw material of great quality. The Sahraoui Berber carpets are known all over the world for their large size and their comfort of use. Traditionally offered on the occasion of weddings, the carpet is the image of a superb family. It can take years to complete what will become a life's work of equal durability.

A product that combines utility and craftsmanship

Combining the qualities of warmth and comfort needed in nomadic camps, the carpets are not to be outdone in terms of originality and uniqueness. The tribal geometrical patterns they present are reminiscent of cave paintings and situate the origin of this carpet in the Neolithic! In addition, the weaving of the wool of the Moroccan Sahara is a living heritage in its own right, as it is the economic lung of a whole region. For all these reasons, these works of art have conquered the world and made their place in modern interiors. Adding an ethnic touch to an existing decor, the colors and patterns blend in with surprising ease. It is these very qualities that make these prestigious rugs so graceful, never out of fashion or superfluous. Acquire for your home a product that is surprising in many ways and enjoy the incomparable quality of this fascinating product, made with a gesture honed by millennia.