Carpet Sahraoui Light wool

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The Sahraoui Berber carpets are of very high quality. They are exclusively manufactured in an artisanal way by the nomadic tribes of the Moroccan Sahara. The latter have a particular breed of sheep whose wool produced is world famous. This makes this carpet a reference in the world of interior decoration.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 180cm
  • Width : 105cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Manufacturing region: South of Morocco
  • Color : Grey / White wool / Black

The origin of the Sahraoui Berber carpet

The Sahraoui tribe is located in the desert of southern Morocco. Weaving in Morocco has been practiced for decades. It is one of the most noble tasks that is often reserved for Berber women. Thanks to their animal husbandry, especially sheep, the Berber women of the region have been weaving high quality carpets for centuries. Indeed, they can serve as a cozy mattress for these semi-nomadic families. They can even accommodate the whole family, as the carpets can reach a very large size. From the Moroccan desert to your living room, these carpets fit perfectly thanks to their clean and minimalist design. Their manufacture often represents the only source of income for families in this region. The production and sale of these unique pieces remain considerable assets to support them.

The making of the Sahraoui carpet

The Sahraoui Berber carpet is made of 100% natural sheep wool. The result is cream, brown or black, depending on the color of the coat. The displacement being rough in the desert of Morocco, the wool is a raw material of great quality, by its thickness and its softness, they get to the nomads the comfort during the pauses of the journeys. The making of these carpets requires meticulous gestures. Berber women master this know-how better than anyone else. The wool is cut, cleaned, meticulously worked and then dried for one or two years before being used. This long work allows to obtain a thick, soft and silky wool.

The Berber carpet: a key piece of decoration

The Sahraoui carpet has very pure and geometric designs. Most often, it is of off-white color with patterns, black brown diamonds. There are other types, but this is the most famous. The advantage of this Moroccan carpet is that it will fit your room, whatever your decoration. It will bring into your living room that warm Berber touch. Its silky touch and soft texture promise to warm up your room. Also, its bright color and sleek design will decorate your home with great elegance. If you have a minimalist spirit, if you like authenticity, then you will be won over by the style of Sahraoui Moroccan rugs.

These unique and authentic pieces have an outstanding quality. The meticulous work provided by these Berber women result in traditional pieces combining elegance and comfort.