Red Berber corridor carpet - Khémisset


The craft of weaving wool practiced mainly by women in the region of Khémisset of Morocco is a know-how of over two thousand years. The different patterns and techniques used make each creation unique. The carpet of this region is particularly sought after for its quality and its graphics which integrate perfectly into modern interiors.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 190cm
  • Width : 82cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Region of manufacture: Khémisset
  • Color: Red

An ancestral knowledge

The practice of carpet weaving is inseparable from the villages of the Khémisset region. The characteristic motifs of the carpets are inspired by the symbols of the Berber alphabet and the rock art of these regions. In symbols, the women tell their lives within the tribes but also evoke their status as women, mothers, wives etc.

The secrets of manufacture

These are gestures transmitted from mothers to daughters. First of all, the wool, the one that is used in the making of Berber carpets, is that of the sheep of the Moroccan mountains. After shearing, the wool is washed and beaten to remove the natural oils. The women then spin the wool by hand to make perfect threads that will go on a loom. The knotting stage highlights the skills of these women and transforms the carpet craft into an art. The important detail? A small weft woven between the knots, which ensures density and robustness to the carpet. The colors applied afterwards all come from natural pigments, the Berber carpets of Khémisset, among the most famous, are in ivory, white or beige. The patterns are in ochre or brown tones, often because they are woven directly from the wool of the sheep's head, which is darker. To relax the carpet and remove any residue from its design, the carpet can be rewashed several times and finally dried in the Moroccan sun.

The carpet, an authentic purchase

Handicrafts are vital for the weavers of this part of Morocco, and by buying a Berber carpet, not only are we assured of buying an object of art, a unique piece of quality, which will last over time. But we can also say that it participates in the economy of a whole region and makes women more independent. When you buy a Berber carpet, you are buying a small piece of Morocco. The themes of the motifs woven into the heart of the carpet's fibers, it is a little bit of the heart of these women who tell, their life, nature, fertility, their spirituality and that you put in your living room.