Large White and blue clay Ashtray


The pottery work is the pride of the potters settled in the city of Safi. Passionate craftsmen produce beautiful items including this magnificent large ashtray.

Product carefully hand made and painted. Made with white colored terracotta. Design inspired by the art of ceramics. Beautifully patterned door reminiscent of Berber design. Composed in two parts. The lid is used to crush the butt in the container. Designed to serve as an ashtray on a living room or garden table. Equipped with 3 cigarette holders. Can be used as a decorative object for a refined touch during meals or parties. Easy to wash. Neutralizes cold tobacco odours. Keeps its colors indefinitely. Promises to remain a symbol of the inexhaustible Moroccan cultural heritage. Embodies the sophisticated elegance of the Moroccan artisanal culture.

Weight: 409 Grams
Diameter: 12 cm
Height: 8 cm

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