Red wool Berber carpet Bejaâd


These carpets are made with all the experience of women who live in the city of Bejaâd, a very old city, of an undeniable cultural historical heritage. The gestures used to realize these Red Berber Carpets are very technical and require a great concentration.

In addition, these carpets are hand woven with a delicate but resistant material that is wool. The wool is very used because it offers several virtues, such as warmth, and a very good quality for carpet weaving.

These rugs are the work of many hours of work, and offer a quality of design that you will not find elsewhere. They are highly decorative, usually with different woven patterns, and many colors. These are unique patterns that will offer unique decorations to those who will acquire these Red Berber Carpets.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 144cm
  • Width : 97cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Manufacturing region: Bejaâd
  • Color : Red

An ancient culture that has much to teach us

These carpets come from ancient Berber cultures and thus make them unique pieces. You will have the opportunity to dive into a world that you did not know, in an ancient culture that has a lot of charm.

A trade that benefits everyone

This trade is a fair trade and will bring economic benefits to the region that produces these fabulous Red Berber Carpets.

Real masterpieces for your interior decoration

An ideal floor so that your children are not in direct contact with the ground

These Red Berber Rugs are thick enough, and thus allow an effective insulation of the ground. If you have children who often play on the floor, this will be an excellent way for them not to get cold.

But where to place such Red Berber carpet?

The ideal, to find a place for these quality carpets, is to put them in a place that will highlight them, and thus bring an oriental touch to your room.

They are in general, of big dimensions, and will be very practical in living rooms, as a lounge, or a dining room. A red Berber carpet will make you travel to distant lands, with a typical lifestyle of the Atlas Mountains.