Carpet Beni Ouarain wool / Cotton

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carpet enthusiast or collector, we present to you an authentic decorative element of exception: the Beni Ouarain carpet from the Moroccan Middle Atlas! Hand-woven by the women of the Berber tribes, these are carpets that guarantee a superior level of quality. The Beni Ouarain carpet does not contain toxic dyes and is made only with natural fibers.

Made in a methodical way, its manufacture starts from the wool of a breed of rustic Berber sheep called marmouchas with which it is made. We use a virgin wool for its conception, which makes its legendary reputation of "Moroccan king carpet". In addition to offering you a top-of-the-range carpet, you make a significant gesture for the economy of the region that produces this carpet by promoting fair trade.

  • Material : Wool and Cotton
  • Length : 150cm
  • Width : 97cm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Manufacturing region: Middle Atlas - Beni Ouarain
  • Color: White / Black

By buying our Beni Ouarain carpets, you are directly involved in this trade and you are also contributing to the economic benefits of a producing region that produces carpets of incomparable quality. Social inequality is unfortunately still present in many countries and by favoring these carpets made by women who work the wool of the marmouchas with a meticulousness and a rigor without equal, you participate in improving their way of life. We can only thank these women of the Atlas who conceive models as exceptional as the others!

The different stages of the conception of a Beni Ouarain carpet

In order to help you understand the artisanal manufacture of Beni Ouarain carpets, we have taken the time to expose the unique process that results from this manufacture:

  • Obtaining the wool: The custom of making Beni Ouarain carpets is that Berber women directly spin the wool of the marmouchas in the Atlas Mountains. They thus obtain the raw material to conceive these magnificent carpets.

  • Assembly of the weft: The women of the Atlas use a weft mounted on a loom to make the Beni Ouarain. This weft, designed in cotton or wool, gives a better quality to the realization of the carpets and will offer an optimal return.

  • Weaving the Beni Ouarain carpet: The Berber weavers then proceed to the elaboration of knots within the weft. They will then show an extraordinary dexterity to carry out the weaving of the carpet. According to the models that they will create, they will call upon a great sense of creativity and originality to conceive different models and that without any pattern in advance, only their imagination. They also use a specific comb which has for objective to tighten the carpet as weaving.

  • Realization of the finishes: To finalize the creation of these beautiful carpets, they will engage in various techniques such as adding bangs, removing fluffy filaments, cleaning the carpet and finally a natural treatment that will preserve the softness of the fibers.