Beni Ouarain carpet 100% wool


Made exclusively by Berber weavers in Morocco, the rugs are designed in the Middle Atlas region. The weavers of these regions are appreciated for the original patterns and the design aspect of their carpets. The two major characteristics of these carpets are their large size, first of all, and then their very specific pattern: black stripes and/or geometric shapes, on white wool carpets.

However, in order to meet all types of demand, the weavers of Beni Ouarain carpets have decided to design carpets of all sizes, and for all budgets. Thus, Ouarain rugs have become key elements of a beautiful design decoration such as Scandinavian, classic or contemporary.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 170cm
  • Width : 114cm
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Manufacturing region: Middle Atlas - Beni Ouarain
  • Color: WHITE / Black

A region rich in pastures... so in sheep wool !

The Beni Ouarain tribes settled in the mountainous region of the Middle Atlas, in Morocco, because of the richness of the grass and the pastures. The herds of goats, or sheep, are very numerous and allow the inhabitants to feed themselves throughout the year, but also to conceive woolen fabrics in order to protect themselves from the cold once the winter comes. The winter being particularly cold in Morocco, in this region, the inhabitants had to make with what they had at hand, in other words they manufactured very thick fabrics to put in order to insulate their tents.
Very strong, these carpets are the fruit of months of patience by the weavers, after having spent time to collect all the necessary wool. Lovers of 100% natural and handmade wool are delighted with such a carpet!

Why such a success?

If Ouarain carpets have a popularity rating that continues to grow, it is because they have very advantageous properties. With their thickness of 3 centimeters and their extreme softness, they have become the emblem of a cocooning atmosphere. You want to feel good at home even if you don't want to leave? Buy a 100% natural wool Ouarain carpet, entirely handmade and therefore untreated. Soft, voluptuous, pure and warm, these rugs will warm you up during the cold winter evenings.

With which interiors ?

Ouarain rugs are particularly appreciated in discreet, sober and warm interiors. Thus, these interiors wish to remain sober, with shades ranging from white to brown through beige, ecru and brown. Ouarain rugs have natural shades that can go from white to off-white and even brown-black, so the colors remain sober. You can combine Ouarain rugs with classic and sober furniture, such as a wicker ceiling lamp, or a Moroccan ceramic vase. Focus on the artisanal and natural aspect, the rustic aspect of a furniture combining tribal and Berber art.

The success of these rugs is such that all over the world, whether in the United States, Europe or Asia, Ouarain rugs can be found in high-end interior decorations!