Berber carpet natural wool Bejaâd

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The Berber carpet of Bejaâd is a very popular decorative element, both for its simple and timeless aesthetics and for its quality and durability over time.

But beyond these attractions, it is above all a work of art that reflects the Berber culture and the history of women who weave it.

  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Length : 148cm
  • Width : 103cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Manufacturing region: Bejaâd
  • Color: White wool nature

A pure and natural wool

In the respect of the ancestral traditions, the Berber carpets are woven from wool coming from the shearing of sheep living in the High Atlas. After being harvested, this wool is spun by hand by the women who will then make the precious carpets. With the exception of a washing, usually done with spring water and plants as natural soap, the wool that makes up Bejaâd carpets does not undergo any treatment. To achieve certain colored patterns, the white wool is sometimes dyed with natural pigments, with the same processes used by the women of the Berber tribes, centuries ago.

An ethical and fair trade decorative element

The High Atlas, where Berber carpets come from, is a remote region of Morocco. In this mountainous area, living conditions can be harsh, and part of the population does not have a job that allows them to live properly. By purchasing one of these carpets, you are helping to improve the standard of living of the women who use their talent to produce these beautiful carpets. The money generated is also invested indirectly in the region, notably through the purchase of wool. Opting for a Berber carpet is choosing to contribute to the economic and social development of Moroccan families, who share with us a treasure of their culture.

Berber carpets are increasingly present in the interiors of Western trends. If these carpets are very popular because of their pure colors and simple geometric patterns, the quality of the wool used and the strength of the weaving are also part of the reasons for this success. But beyond the beauty of the object, integrating one of these carpets in your interior is first of all to join the women who make them in a fair trade approach, and to offer yourself a part of Moroccan history.